Ms. Kline Online

A web application is a web-based (online) program that runs through a web browser. This can make the programs easier for a user to access, because the only software required (usually) is the browser itself and any necessary browser plug-ins.

Read about web applications in Wikipedia!

Google offers many free web apps through a user's Gmail account. Applications include:
  • Blogger (blog creation tool)
  • Google Page Creator (web page creation tool)
  • Google Docs (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, & forms that can be created online and shared with other users for collaborating)
  • Buzz (social networking built into Gmail account)
  • Picasa Web Albums (photo-sharing, editing, storing)
  • Buzz (social-network/micro-blogging)

Check out Dr. Mark Wagner's Ed Tech Life's PLC Web Wiki "Using Technology to Support Your PLC" to learn more about using Google Apps with a professional learning community!